The term “equity crowdfunding” means a collection of capital (funding) by a group of people (crowd) for the financing of ideas and businesses through an online portal in exchange for quotas or shares of the company itself.

It is a platform of the company Equifunding Srl, authorized and supervised by CONSOB. It allows the raising of risk capital through equity crowdfunding in order to allow individuals or companies to invest in innovative asset classes, including horse riding, even with small amounts, to diversify their portfolio.

Investing in equity is risky compared to traditional investments and for this reason it is advisable to invest sums of money in relation to your financial resources in order to be able to fully sustain the loss of the entire capital invested.
The main risk factors are represented by the loss of capital: given its high risk, it would be a good idea to invest a limited percentage of your portfolio diversifying even in more traditional assets; illiquidity risk: financial instruments issued by companies through equity crowdfunding portals are not listed on organized markets (eg Borsa Italiana or unilateral trading systems) and even if the possibility of buying and selling between individuals remains, it can be difficult to sell them quickly.
To learn more about the risks of investing with equity crowdfunding, consult the CONSOB website

In Italy, in order to operate as an equity crowdfunding portal, it is necessary to obtain the authorization and subsequent registration in the register by CONSOB which aims to create a reliable environment to create trust in investors and protect those other than professional clients. enabling them to make informed choices.


Anyone – both natural and legal persons – can invest as long as they are of age and after having carried out the appropriateness check, mandatory by law. Moreover, even if the appropriateness test indicated the person “not suitable” for the investment, it is still possible to invest anyway simply by declaring that you have taken note of the result.

Investors who decide to join an equity crowdfunding campaign purchase a share of a company by becoming full members of the company. Based on the type of instruments offered, the issuer may decide to assign only certain rights to the shares subscribed, for example the property rights but not the right to vote.

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