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Horses you can invest on have been accurately selected by our team of experts among the most promising horses offered by best breeders in Europe.

For a horse owner, breeding a jumping horse and bringing him to the highest competitive edge is a considerable long term investment, which, often, he cannot afford. FundYourJump gives horse owners the opportunity to raise the capital they need to breed and train promising horses, thus bringing them to become champions.

On the other hand, for the first time in the world, an investor can diversify his portfolio investing in a new asset class, which was so far available to only a few experts.

  1. Once you selected an offering to invest on – only for your first investment – you will be asked to fill a form with your personal data as well as a financial appropriateness survey, in compliance with the European rules for the protection of investors.
  2. Choose the amount of your investment proportionally with your saving profile. Please remind that investing in the shares of a company (owning a horse, in this case) carries risks, including loss of capital and illiquidity. The capital invested could monetize only when the horse will be eventually sold. Typically within two or three years.
  3. Your investment will be effective after the payment of a wire transfer on the bank account that we will communicate. If fund raising will not reach the objective within the time frame, your funds will be transferred back on your bank account.
  4. If the fund raising will be successful, you will be finally a shareholder of the company owning the horse

Please find here below a diagram of the process

The company owning the horse will invest the funds raised to breed and train the horse letting him grow as a champion in flying horses events. All progresses of the horse you invested on can be monitored on a special section of FundYourJump.

The most skilled and renowned trainers in Europe will ensure the horse training, as stated by the company before the fund raising campaign starts. Also, the Company commits to subscribe all insurances covering horse’s health and accidents.

Typically, if expectations are confirmed, after two or three years the horse can substantially increase its market value and it might be acquired by a stable or a passionate rider form all over the world.

Sale revenues will be shared proportionally among the shareholders who will get back the capital invested as well as the capital gain.

Please find here below a diagram of the process